Making Your Work Shine

Are you planning to self-publish a book?

Preparing to send your novel, blog or article to a publisher?

Organising a business document or website material which needs to be perfect?

An excellent editor is your ally. Frank feedback, consistent corrections and a meticulous eye for detail combine to make your work shine. Small typos and inadvertent errors detract from your otherwise amazing report or compelling story. Exact Editing takes your rough diamond and polishes it to perfection, enabling your work to shine.

Previously a teacher of English, Literature, and Speech and Drama, Karen Crombie has a talent for both the written and spoken word. If she’s not busy editing a client’s work, she’s reading, voraciously, eagerly, constantly. If she can’t read a news article, magazine or book, she’ll resort to reading a pamphlet, poster or product wrapper. She can spot a spelling mistake across a crowded room and enjoys clever conversations, brilliant stories and groan-worthy puns.

Working at Buckingham Palace for the Queen was one of Karen’s most interesting challenges ~ read about her experience here, as published by the Women’s Business Society.

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Public Speaking

The power of clear communication extends
across the written and the spoken word.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Karen is extremely professional, caring and goes above and beyond to understand your vision and concept of the project. She shares her insights to help make the outcome better. Karen gives exceptional customer service, listening to our concerns and working alongside us while sharing her expertise. I just send her the raw stories and she makes them perfect!

Samantha Jansen

Samantha Jansen Publishing

My biggest worry was 100% sharing such a personal story. So many of us keep our secrets to ourselves and worry that we may be looked at differently if we share something so personal.

So the most important thing with Karen was her honesty, respect and communication. When sharing such a personal story, it’s hard enough writing the words with the intent of putting it all out there. I never once felt judged. In fact, I felt empowered. Karen is professional and respectful with excellent communication skills. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Karen.


Cindy Warren

Published Author and Radio Broadcaster

Great workshop, Karen! It was a very practical and informative session. I will definitely use these tools and structure for both professional and personal speeches in the future. I’ve been to professional development courses where I kept looking at my watch; I didn’t do that once in your workshop! Thank you again!


Geraldine Hart

Bid Writer and Published Author

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Making Your Work Shine

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